Custom Curtains & Draperies for Home Windows
Custom Curtains & Draperies for Home Windows Near Fairfield, California (CA) for Bedrooms with Fabric Selection

Custom Curtains & Draperies for Home Windows

Customization has never been more in the spotlight—and more expected—than it is right now. The current trends in the world of both personal and home fashion is to buck trends altogether and embrace what makes you unique and different. Interior designers, personal stylists, and custom flourishes are all the name of the game right now when it comes to style, so why do so many people still buy their curtains from big box retailers? We think that your home’s windows deserve the custom treatment just as much as your shoes, your hair color, and your car, so keep reading to learn more about custom curtains and draperies for homes near Fairfield, CA.

The Perfect Match Every Time

There is no time for reckoning with the limitations of your smartphone’s camera quite like trying to compare a picture of your home décor with curtains you see in the store. Even the best camera will still not show you colors that are perfectly true to life, and carrying around a fabric sample or home accessory to compare can be a pain. Rather than being at the mercy of your camera—or a store’s inventory—opt for custom curtains instead! We will work with you to find the perfect color and fabric matches for any space in your home, whether you want something that blends in seamlessly with what you already have, or creates a pop of color or pattern to work as an accent.

A Fabric Selection No Store Can Beat

The fabric of a curtain or drapery is really what can make or break it. A light, airy fabric can be ideal for a nursery or little girl’s room, but would feel out of place in a man cave or teenager’s room. Similarly, a thick, heavy fabric can be perfect for a dining room in theory, but if you’ve got little ones or pets running around, you may want to find something that is durable and stain resistant. By working with our experienced designers, we will consider every aspect of what your window’s need, so you can be sure that we have a fabric that is perfect for every space in your home.

No More Fussing with Curtains Rods

There are few things as frustrating as wrangling with a curtain rod only to realize that it was installed at a crooked angle, is the wrong size, or doesn’t match your new draperies. Incorrectly installed window fashions can result in damage to your walls, windows, and window coverings, so why not leave it up to the experts? Not only do we ensure that your custom draperies are the perfect size for your windows, but we can also work with you to make sure they are perfectly installed, so your new curtains can look just as beautiful in your home as they do on the sketchpad.

To learn more about our custom curtains and draperies, as well as our assortment of Hunter Douglas custom window treatments, contact Window Fashions of Northern California today! We have two convenient locations in Fairfield and Fremont, CA, but we also proudly serve the entire Bay Area, including Vacaville, Vallejo, Rio Vista, Napa, Hayward, San Jose, Palo Alto, and Pleasanton, CA.